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Unimed Electrodes provides a choice of EEG supplies, electrodes and gels for neurophysiologists at highly competitive prices. We have our own range of autoclavable silver/silver chloride and gold plated EEG disc electrodes in a range of cable lengths, together with two types of disposable EEG electrode. We also stock Ten20 and Elefix conductive paste plus NuPrep and SkinPure for skin preparation.


In addition we supply collodion (and collodion remover) which is particularly useful for attaching EEG electrodes for long-term recording applications such as videotelemetry or ambulatory EEG. Collodion adhesive may be used with our disposable EEG electrodes as well as the reusable type.

Our range includes disposable EMG electrodes plus a range of reusable and disposable surface EMG electrodes for NCV (nerve conduction studies). We also have specialist electrodes for electroretinography (ERG), including DTL thread, gold foil ERG electrodes and contact lens ERG electrodes. Our DTL thread is available as pre-packed single-use electrodes and as a continuous thread with an adaptor that enables users to make their own electrodes.

We stock corkscrew and subdermal needle electrodes for intra-operative monitoring (IOM) and spinal monitoring use.

If you have a special requirement that is not in our catalogue, please contact us as we may be able to help using our extensive range of UK and international contacts.

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